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The Chosen Ones

5 months. It has been 5 months since the unthinkable happened. The creators of the Walking Dead teamed up with George Orwell and Dean Koontz and wrote a book about a virus that took over a globe. Heck, Isaac Asimov penned the intro and convinced us other worlds in other solar systems have been decimated, too. Stephen King was really busy, but he did a fair bit of editing. What we have here, folks, is Eyes of Darkness meets Asimov’s Guide to Earth and Space meets 1984 meets Tommyknockers meets that episode where Negan and his bat are first introduced. It’s a nightmare, or not, depending on who you ask and whether you favor Fox or CNN. And, in Texas, where we need to change our state motto to Go Big or Go to Cali, we can’t decide whether we want to go to the beach, go to a protest, or go into a bunker for the rest of the year. In the words of Zach Galifianakis as Marty Huggins in The Campaign, “Bring your brooms because it’s a mess.” One thing is clear. We, as a society, were unprepared for this pandemic. We have forgotten so many things: how to entertain ourselves, how to unlisten to people without the act of violence, and how to just breathe in a space without advertising to the world that you are just sitting and breathing in a space. For some of us, one thing is apparent. Y’all ain’t cut out for this! Others of us aren’t having such a big issue. We are the chosen ones. We are the only children of the world.


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