• Our Silver Lining Playbook

Our Silver Lining Playbook

I envision a day, hopefully sooner than later, when we can go back to talking about our daily, devil may care hijinks. I’d like to share stories about amazing travels, hustle-bustle city shopping sprees that don’t involve the panic purchase of toilet paper, and the odd movie recommendation. For this moment, however, that is not the space we occupy together. It’s getting downright scary out there. Some of you agree with me. Some of you think it’s all a hoax, complete with fake street scenes and fake citizens of fake countries in a flat world. Some of you think it’s a global conspiracy to either force vaccinations on us all or to steal all the handguns. Some of you think it’s a zombie apocalypse. I think it’s a valuable life lesson. No matter how grandiose we live, humanity oughtn’t get too big for its britches lest it be brought to its knees by, of all things, a virus. And, here we sit, many of us working from home, many of us unable to work from home and wary of what the future holds, many of us home with children for an as yet undefined time period. While it’s difficult to find a silver lining in our present cloud, attitude is everything right now. So, what shall we do, those of us agreeing to socially distance ourselves in order to help slow the Covid-19 spread? There are many posts and social media articles devoted to dealing with children during this time period – though, please don’t treat this time as an extended spring break complete with public outings – what do adults do? What about the empty nesters, the seniors, and even the single/married professionals without kiddos? Fear not! I’ve got the research and I’m about to tell you everything you ever wanted to know about social distancing but were afraid to ask! Pay attention to the world, by all means, but sometimes, you gotta keep calm and turn off the news.

Are you an art lover? Trust me, you are, even if you aren’t. You just haven’t seen the right art. If you’re working from home or just staying indoors post work, here’s your opportunity to visit almost every major art museum in the world. Both People magazine and Southern Living are currently posting about the brilliance of Google’s Arts & Culture online platform. You can do things like exploring certain collections, the old masters, for instance, delving in to the works of certain artists, and even taking virtual tours of the world’s finest museums.


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