Socialism – A Very Bad Deal

Stranger Than Most

It terrifies me the way young people today are tossing around socialism without understanding just how destructive it is. That’s because they don’t know their history. They’ve never heard of a little man named Joseph Stalin and a much fatter man known as Chairman Mao. Between them, these evil men managed to outright murder, or simply starve to death millions of their own people. It was genocide. Not of some pesky neighbors, but of their OWN PEOPLE. Does that sound like a good form of government to you?

Let’s illustrate this point using my beloved Renaissance Faire. I used to have a booth there where I made and sold feather fans. Of course a certain ex-president who shall not be named tells me I didn’t make that. Sixteen years of craftsmanship, innovation and business savvy, but somehow that wasn’t me. Well the first thing that happens under socialism is that I no longer own my business. The government takes it over, because they’re just so darned efficient. This requires a massive central processing system. They tell me what I can sell, how much I can sell it for, and keep track of how much I sell.


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