Stranger Than Most

My Car Is Cursed!

Since shortly after I got my license at 16, I’ve always had a car. A used car that I bought with my own money. You see, I grew up in the days before conspicuous consumption when high school grads didn’t expect a brand new car from their parents. (And then a $100,000 wedding later on in life.) Being a good kid then just meant your parents trusted you with THEIR car from time to time. If you wanted more than that you needed to get a job and look for a junker. I never really had a junker. I’ve had extremely good luck buying used cars. And after I was done with them I was always able to sell or trade them for a good price. While my cars had the usual assortment of mechanical problems over the years, they never spent a minute in a body shop. In fact, I never had a serious wreck until just last month. And that one was a doozy. First, a little background.


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