Stranger Than Most

Hypocrisy, My Pet Peeve

Let’s start with “Climate Change”, as if at any time during the four billion year history of our Earth the climate has stayed the same. You have verifiable morons like Leonardo Di Caprio jetting around the world trying to convince a bunch of poor, brown people that they don’t need a power plant. A power plant that could lift them out of lives of miserable poverty. But power plants are bad for the environment. We’re going to dig you a well and give you a solar stove. That’s good enough for you.

Then he jets back to the US to work in an industry that has to have one of the highest carbon footprints in the nation and that’s the Hollywood Dream Machine. Do you think that when they go out to shoot they set up a bunch of solar panels? Oh, no! They truck in flatbeds full of gas-powered generators. And that’s just a drop in the bucket compared to the electricity they suck up in post with their fancy graphics. You’d better believe they have a power plant. Hypocrisy!


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