Three Rights Make a Left


I have often said that I wish I had the patience with my kids that I have with my grandkids. I love my kids but having grandkids is better than I could have imagined. The one thing I don’t like is having to share them during holidays. I have to accept the fact that my kids have two families and they have to spend time with both. That’s ok with my two grandsons who are ages five and six, because they only live a dozen blocks away. However my daughter is separated and going through a divorce so the time we get to spend with our five year old granddaughter is precious little. This year we didn’t get her for Christmas. However she did get to stay with us for an entire week at New Years. I never have requests to travel during the holidays unless there is a disaster somewhere so I got to stay home.

I always wake up around 6 a.m.. So my routine is to sit in my chair, watch the news, and catch up on emails and Facebook. Around 7 every morning I would hear the patter of little feet in the hallway and a tiny angel would come and curl up in my lap. I would get up and make her breakfast. Usually it is a bowl of Lucky Charms. She calls them by the right name now but when she was four she would say: “Grandpa, can I have some ‘Lucky Charmers”? The other breakfast she likes is small kid sized pancakes. Lori buys them frozen and you just have to heat them up. One morning I decided to fix her real pancakes.

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