Three Rights Make a Left


With the onset of social media it seems that campaigns have become a gauntlet of accusations that have little to do with a candidates ability to be an effective public servant once elected. This has been magnified by political consultants who know that negative campaigns work. But should they? Wouldn’t it be more instructive for candidates to promote their own education, experience and values rather than tear their opponent down? To be honest, on social media it isn’t so much candidates that are so vicious as their zealous supporters. A new twist to an old adage might be “If you can’t say something nice about somebody they must be ahead.”

I remember when Ralph Hall was our Congressman. He was always a Southern Gentleman. I never heard him say an unkind thig about an opponent, Actually I often heard him say flattering and complimentary things about people who were running against him. I did hear two candidates for Congress do that very thing recently at an event in Forney. Bunni Pounds and Jason Wright talked about their own qualifications, but then made very positive statements about their opponent. It was refreshing.


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