Three Rights Make a Left


A couple of days ago a friend of mine posted a link on Facebook about Ruth Buzzi the comedian who starred in “Roan and Martin’s Laugh In” in the 1970s and later played Screech’s mom in the sit-com Saved By The Bell. The post said that Ruth settled down southwest of the DFW Metroplex and is a fellow Texan. However, the intriguing part of the post is that she is associated with a web site called I followed the link and found that for the reasonable sum of $99 she will do a short video clip for you are or whoever you want. The possibilities are endless. She will do birthday greetings, wedding announcements, gender reveals for expectant parents. You just go to the web site and type in generally what you want her to say and within a few days she will send the finished video to your email and phone. Then you put it wherever you want: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter. You get the idea.

Intrigued I scrolled through the catalog of celebrities that would record videos for you and found a lot of well-known celebrities and a lot I had never heard of at all. There were quite a few “Real Housewives”. Reality Tv stars from shows I never watch. You can even get Nichol “Snookie” Palizzi from Jersey Shore to do a video for $300. Personally, I never watched Jersey Shore, and if I never saw or heard from “Snookie” again, that would be ok with me.


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