City Council Candidate Response - Jimmy Lee Hanks Place 4

About the Candidate
My name is Jimmy Lee Hanks, I was born in Olney, Texas and raised in Graham, TX and Bryson, TX. I am a disabled U.S. Army veteran, I have worked corrections and was also a Paralegal. I currently work as a Project Manager for L3 Acquisitions LLC. I am a graduate of El Centro Community College with my Associates of Applied Arts and Sciences in Paralegal Studies. I also have my Bachelor of Arts in General Studies degree from the University of North Texas. My wife, Linda, and I have been married for over 14 years and we have adopted two beautiful children Andrew and Emily. We moved to Forney due to the small home town feeling we felt when we would visit, and wanted our children to experience the same small home town feeling like we grew up in. 
How many City Council meetings have you attended from Jan. 1, 2017 until the time you filed your paperwork to run in the municipal election? This number of meetings attended represents those attended before you filed your paperwork.
I had not attended any meeting prior to filing my paperwork to run.
During the time you have been a resident of the City of Forney, how many City Council elections have you voted in?
I have not voted in any city elections since I have lived here. We moved to Forney in December of 2015.
Do you own a business? If so, do you currently do work for the city of Forney or any real estate developers or home owners’ associations located Inside or outside the Forney city limits? If you are elected or re-elected, do you plan to continue to do work for the City of Forney or any real estate developers or home owners’ associations inside or outside the Forney city limits while in office?
Yes, we own a business. We do not do any work for the City of Forney, nor any developers or home owners’ associations located in the city. 
How do you propose to work with other members of the City Council and the Mayor as a team for the betterment of the City of Forney and its citizens?
If elected my goal is to work with all members of the City Council and the Mayor as well as all departments within the City. Having played sports throughout high school and also being in the military I have learned how to work with everyone as everyone plays a vital role in getting the job done. However, while working with all members of the council is imperative; it is my duty if elected to be a voice for the citizens of the city. If the citizens want something that I may or may not agree with it is my duty as an elected official to vote for the voice of the citizens.
In your opinion, what action or actions, if any, should the City of Forney take concerning the Markout Water Corporation situation?
In my opinion I think that it could be beneficial to the city in the long run as new development moves into the city they are not going to want to be inside the city limits and pay 62% more for their water. To protect our citizens against fire we need to consider this as it is the duty of the city to provide services and protection. Currently Markout water cannot meet that total fire protection. While this is a touchy situation in the city we would have to look at the total expense of such a large purchase; for our city to grow in a positive way we must consider this.
In your opinion, what are the three most serious challenges or issues the city of Forney will face during your two-year term if you are elected or re-elected?
The three biggest challenges I think the city will face in the next two years are going to be infrastructure; it being the biggest since most roads are owned by the State, new businesses, and population growth. We must find a way to work with the State to get our roads improved at a faster pace than the State moves. We need to be proactive rather than reactive which it seems is what governments want to do. We need to treat the City as a business and not a government agency. We need to attract new businesses to our city and work with them to get them here. Lastly, we must prepare now for the population growth that is coming which will bring in more businesses. 
How do you propose to strengthen the relationship between the City of Forney and Forney ISD?
While the City of Forney and the Forney ISD are two separate entities it is two entities that must work hand in hand together. That is the first thing that both need to recognize. While the ISD reflects on the City, the City also reflects on the ISD. The City does not need to be making bad deals with developers that give the developers tax incentives where the City and the ISD both loose the tax dollars for years. I think it would be great to see the City get behind the ISD even more than they do now and help promote our schools so more people will want to move to our great City which will bring in more businesses which will create more revenue for the City and the ISD. 

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