City Council Candidate Response - Kevin Moon Place 4

About the Candidate
My wife and I live in Forney.  We have three sons, a 17 year old who attends Forney High School, a 30 year old who works for Union Pacific Railroad and a 27 year old navy veteran who works for Homeland Security.  I grew up in Forney and graduated from Forney High School.  I am a Senior Vice President of commercial lending with Green Bank in Dallas and have worked in banking for 26 years.  I have a bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of North Texas.  My father served as mayor and on the city council of Forney for several years.   My family has been in Forney for three generations.  I believe that I can add value to the city council with my background and education in finance, planning, budgeting and my personal experience of Forney’s rich history. 
How many City Council meetings have you attended from Jan. 1, 2017 until the time you filed your paperwork to run in the municipal election? This number of meetings attended represents those attended before you filed your paperwork.
I have attended every city council meeting from January 1, 2017 until the time I filed to run for City Council
During the time you have been a resident of the City of Forney, how many City Council elections have you voted in?
During the time I have been a resident of Forney, I have made every effort to vote in all local and national elections.
Do you own a business? If so, do you currently do work for the city of Forney or any real estate developers or home owners’ associations located Inside or outside the Forney city limits? If you are elected or re-elected, do you plan to continue to do work for the City of Forney or any real estate developers or home owners’ associations inside or outside the Forney city limits while in office?
I do not own a business nor have I ever worked for the City of Forney, a real estate developer or a home owner’s association.
How do you propose to work with other members of the City Council and the Mayor as a team for the betterment of the City of Forney and its citizens?
I believe that it is imperative that every member on the city council and the mayor work together.  To be effective, the members of the city council and mayor must work as a team to establish a shared vision for the future, develop plans that make the future possible and work with the colleagues and constituents to enact the local policies and laws that will ultimately lead to accomplishment.  It is important to remember that every office holder must dedicate themselves to reach beyond comfort zones and to work with others with whom they may have significant differences.  Elected officials set the tone for the civic life of our communities and working together is most important.  
In your opinion, what action or actions, if any, should the City of Forney take concerning the Markout Water Corporation situation?
In my opinion the Markout Water Supply issue is very important.  First, we need to understand that this is not a Markout Water Supply problem.  We need to address the issue of the city residents who are forced to purchase their water from a supplier other than the city of Forney.  Currently, citizens of the Grayhawk neighborhood purchase their water from Markout Water Supply and pay a higher water rate than other city residents.  Later this year, citizens that build in the residential section of the Gateway Development will purchase water from Talty Special Utility District at a higher rate than other citizens.  I believe the city should hire a water consulting firm to assist in creating a plan.  As elected officials, we want to help, however we need to hire professionals to offer the city options on how best to assist with this very important issue. 
In your opinion, what are the three most serious challenges or issues the city of Forney will face during your two-year term if you are elected or re-elected?
There are several important issues that the City of Forney will face in the next two years.  The City of Forney must create a thoroughfare plan for the future and invest into infrastructure.  As the city of Forney continues to grow, our roads and thoroughfares continue to become overcrowded, damaged and very dangerous.  It appears that Forney continues to experience more congested roads, traffic and auto accidents.  As developments and families continue to grow, our travel routes and roads will need to be repaired, widened and extended. I believe that every great town has a successful park and recreational area.  Forney has a current park expansion plan in place called Phase II.  It is important that we move forward with Phase II to provide our youth and community a safe place to play and visit.  Phase II solidifies a long term investment to the citizens of Forney and youth.   
How do you propose to strengthen the relationship between the City of Forney and Forney ISD?
Forney’s City Council and the FISD Board are two incredibly important organizations in shaping us both as a municipality and as an exemplary school system. Our city and outlying areas are specifically sought out by families looking for a strong sense of community and a quality education. As a City Council member, I foresee a liaison system where members of each group both attend the other’s meetings & hold regular briefings. By working together we can complement each other and continue to be the city offering an even stronger sense of community and an even higher quality education

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