This may be your LAST CHANCE!

Rumors concerning DIRK are persistent!

When my son, Weston, was still young enough to play “Little Dribblers” here in Forney, he loved basketball and especially Dirk Nowitzki of the Dallas Mavericks. He has his cap and shirt ready to wear when we “guys” make our annual “father-sons” trip to the arena, and I think he still has his #41 jersey tucked away so that he can probably one day give it to his son or daughter! Weston, in his own handwriting, wrote letters of autograph requests and sent them along with basketball trading cards to several Mavericks players. Guess who was first to respond with the autograph? I won’t tell you which ones never responded, even after second tries, but you would probably be disappointed! Have you ever watched the singing of the Star Spangled Banner at sporting events? Well, many players don’t do the Anthem justice, but guess who has always had “hand over heart” and always sings robustly—DIRK—at least games we have attended! And guess who always has time for charitable activities and time for interviews, even when the interviewers are, to say the least, irritating—DIRK! 


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