Texas State-Fish Art Contest Reveals 2022 Winners

The Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center (TFFC) is pleased to announce the Texas division of Wildlife Forever’s Fish Art Contest winners for 2022.

Why are My Tomato Leaves Curling?

At the Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Center in Overton, irrigated tomato leaves curl from heat stress in the mid-day sun. (Texas A&M AgriLife photo by Adam Russell)

As the weather warms up and everything in the garden begins to grow, some gardeners may notice their tomato plants have twisting or curling leaves.

Shopping for Yard Equipment Things to Know

Warm weather is here, and you are ready to get outside and make your yard both beautiful and functional.

Schools & Sports

Local student Pamela Green named to Columbia College Dean’s List


Lake Fork Guide Seth Vanover with one of many chunky shallow water catfish landed last week.

I love catching catfish when they are biting on ‘tight line’ on bottom, when they are in the flooded grass and willows during the spawn, over holes baited with soured grain and when they are ‘on th

Gun Safety

It’s never too early to begin teaching gun safety to a youngster. This photo was taken years ago when Luke’s grandson Jack was just learning to hunt. Photo by Phil Zimmerman

At its basal level, a shotgun or rifle is a tool designed to do one thing: push a bullet or charge of shot down its barrel. That’s it!

Columns & Editorials

When you hear the word “budgeting,” your first thought might be that it’s mostly for young people starting out in their careers and adult lives.

The Storytellers

“And, then, Aunt Hallie and Uncle Sam took everyone to Galveston. They all stayed at the Flagship Hotel, except, Uncle Sam was CRAZY.

Dear Aunt B,

My daughters are about to reach dating age. I am very concerned about the world and all that is out there. How do I teach them to be careful and still have fun?

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