• It’s Time to Consider Options

It’s Time to Consider Options

The Teachers’ Lounge

Student misbehavior is a part of every classroom. However, there are times when student misbehavior is so volatile, violent students need to be separated from the rest of the class for their own sake and the sake of other learners. Students who are this volatile are often placed in classrooms for students who have difficulty managing their behavior or who may have one or more disabilities that manifest in anger or aggression. Within these classrooms there may be a much smaller room, perhaps the size of a large walk-in closet, designated as a “cool down” area for students who need a place to pull themselves together after an angry outburst.

When students are in these rooms, typically, they are supervised by a teacher and their behavior while in the room is documented. Ac- cording to recent media reports, many of these students are not being sufficiently supervised and are left traumatized, injured or in some particularly sad cases, dead. Lawmakers are taking steps to limit and in some cases, forbid the use of seclusions rooms in schools altogether.




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