Stranger Than Most

My Life Without TV

Over the holidays I went to visit some dear friends who not only don’t have the TV on all the time, they don’t even OWN a TV. It’s so peaceful to be without the constant screeching of that idiot box. I can focus, come up with new ideas and refine existing ones. Every time I come away from there I’m determined to end my dependence on TV. And for a few days, I do.

But gradually I begin to stray. It starts with watching a single program or checking the weather on the news. Before I know it I’m inert in front of the set, binge-watching Forensic Files or Futurama. I tell myself I’ll stop after the episode is over, but the TV programmers have figured out that dodge. They don’t let you wander off during the break, but start up the next program while the credits of the first one are still running.

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