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Signs you might be overtraining

Exercise is a vital component of a healthy lifestyle. Many people find that pairing a nutritious, wellbalanced diet with routine exercise is a successful formula for a long and healthy life.

People typically know when to stop eating. In fact, the brain signals when the stomach is full to prevent the body from eating too much. Exercise can be a little trickier, as men and women may be inclined to ignore certain warning signs of overexertion during a workout. The wellknown workout motto “no pain, no gain” implies that rewards await those who push through their pain during a workout. However, ignoring signals that the body is being overtrained can have a detrimental effect on both short- and long-term health.

According to the American Council on Exercise®, there is a tipping point in regard to how much exercise the body can take. ACE notes that, when people pass that point, the exercise they engage in can actually do more harm than good. ACE refers to the tipping point as overtraining syndrome, or OTS, which can actually contribute to a reduction in overall fitness and increase a person’s risk for injury.


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